Monday, October 27, 2014

A Lovely Day for Frances

This past summer was one of those know the kind that blows by like the seeds from a dandelion pod. It seems as though the school year had just finished last May when suddenly we were picking pumpkins for fall. Midst the sadness of burying Dean's father and losing Izzy pooch to cancer, our family also experienced sheer delight welcoming a beautiful new grand babe to the world.

Frances Anne's arrival has made this little family of five simply perfect.

I am frequently asked if Cassandra is stressed and just how she is able to manage three little people.

She claims it is so much easier than the last time she delivered a baby. Remember Olivia was six months old when Henry was born. 

It doesn't hurt that Frances is just about the best baby I've ever seen. Oh and that hair...we are all in love with that hair!

The family gathered on the first Sunday in September for Frances's special day. 

Even Lucy came along...her first road trip!

Uncle Chet is constantly harassed...jumped on...and asked for piggy back rides from "The Bigs"...the latest term of endearment we use on Olivia and Henry since we can no longer refer to them as "The Babies."

Beautiful Hailey accompanied Dione and obviously fit right in with her polka dots. 

Living in LA, Auntie Didi misses out on a lot of family events. And couldn't wait to be part of this one.

Oh...and Olivia was thrilled to have the extra attention. 

I made Frances's special dress using bridal silk and bridal lace. The pickups on the gown were hand beaded with tiny pearl beads.

She looked did her mamma. 

I also finally finished Frances's baby quilt just in time for the big day. I designed and completely hand pieced this hexie quilt which matches her pink and grey girly girl nursery. I think it's one of my favorite baby quilts ever. The fabric line that Cassandra picked out is called Story Time and I adore it.

Little Miss Frances is pink and new and perfect...and so was her special day.

Hmmm...what's that puppy nose doing in the picture? 

I am just so profoundly grateful for this beautiful child and the joy she brings this Nanny Goat.

I think Auntie Didi is in love with her as well!


  1. What a perfect day captured perfectly. Love her dress and the quilt, your talents continue to amaze me! Congrats to all!

  2. Your photos are gorgeous! But I just can't figure out what happened to Bob? Who is that guy?