Saturday, November 8, 2014

Steam Mill Still a Favorite

I was culling through some summer photographs last weekend and discocvered these images of our favorite Logan Canyon hike...Steam Mill. The day was such a great memory for all of us. The hike starts out in a parking lot in Franklin Basin.

The first two miles are pretty to keep our heads clear, we discussed our PSR...Primitive Survival Rating. If you have watched the ridiculous reality TV show Naked and Afraid you'll know what I am talking about. Incidentally Chet was given the highest PSR...I got the lowest. So rude!

Dione and Hailey were sporting new shoes...breaking them in for an upcoming hike in the Narrows of Zions National Park.

I also had a new pair of hiking shoes myself. Isn't it nice he still ties my romantic!

This is the old steam mill engine the settlers of Cache Valley used to log the timbers.

I have no idea how those Pioneers hauled it up here, but they definitely didn't haul it back down.

Which is great, because it is a perfect spot for a group photo using the timer on my camera. 

Hiking is a favorite family activity.

But it's not that often we get to all hike together. So when we do, all kinds of shenanigans can take the slow motion high-five!

Climbing on large boulders is always part of the fun.

The hike ends at the base of a mountain where a small lake sits quiet and still. 

Time for a rest...

And a snack.

The view is incredible.

And so are my fellow hikers. 

A moment for reflection. Someone should have warned Hailey how many photos I take on hikes...good thing she is such a good sport. At this point...most hikers would turn around and head home.

But if you know anything about family members of The Garlick know we never stop at the easy part. 

It was Dean's idea to scale this ridge. Which looks easy enough until you are on it...

and discover it is nearly straight up it is so steep. Eventually I had to use both hands and feet and crawl to the top.

But the view from up here...



And completely worth the effort. You can see that pretty lake we had lunch by...way, way, down there.

The intense high mountain peaks gave us inspiration to channel our inner National Geographic photography skills. 

When I grow up I want to be a Natgeo photographer. If you don't follow them on instagram you should.

Chet found a tree which most likely fell last winter. It had a stump as wide as he is tall. A very mighty tree. Must have been some sort of massive storm to topple it.

Dean took a moment to relax and tell the kids to stop climbing things, and don't fall off things, and to be careful. I think he was regretting his idea to climb this ridge in the first place. 

What goes up must come down...and so would we...eventually. Not on hands and feet crab walking/sliding down the steep enbakement. 

And one last photo of Dione and I standing in front of the ridge we had just climbed. Good times! I'll miss hiking now that the cold weather is settling in.

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