Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Adorable February

A Few things to adore about the month of February...

  • Snow, snow and more snow.
  • Red Vines 2 lb Family Mix all -to myself. I can eat an entire bag in about 3 days.
  • Aggie Basketball...Have you heard the student section chant "Winning team, losing team"? It's a carefully orchestrated symphony of mockery! 

  • After months of cabin fever...lacrosse in the snow. I think there is a ball somewhere in that net along with the snow.
  • Learning to hand smock...details to be revealed in a later post.
  • Hearing Olivia belly laugh at her Nana for the first time ever. I'm pretty funny you know.
  • Watching teenagers create their own fun.
  • Large Diet Cokes at McDonald's drive-thru. "That will be $1.08 at the first window please."
  • Friday ski days...this time at Alta
  • 10 inches of fresh powder at Beaver Mountain on Monday, then Wednesday, and also Friday.
  • Listening to Lawyer Girl tell about her experience with Law School Prom...yes law schools all have proms.
  • Yard buddies...they like to eat breakfast here, and lunch, and usually dinner!
  • Attending a "New pup" themed baby shower for Momma Cass given by her adorable friends Jamey, and Kristel. I should have had my camera for this one. So cute...right down to the doggie bags they sent home with us. I love that my daughter is surrounded with wonderful friends to fulfill her life.
  • The Wasatch Mountains in Utah...they are literally AWE-some!
  • Feeling Jocie's spirit whisper to my heart with each turn I make when skiing.
  • Katie Scarlett...nearly my fourth daughter and she leaves today for 18 you girl!
  • My brother Blair...he's a sweet heart, and he's going to miss his girl too!
  • The Zen Master...he is as good a skier as the day I met him, and he loves the sport just as much today.


  1. I love this idea-- finding the best of every month.

    And I'm not a Diet Coke drinker, but you've tempted me...

  2. HOw did you get that picture with the snow falling off the trees? I MUST be more patient! AND I love the picture of Dean skiing...that would be me, except the "poof" of snow would be be falling in the powder in all my disaray!