Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Adorable April

A few things to adore about the month of April...

  • Babies, babies and more babies!
  • Playing patty cake with Olivia's toes.

  • The catchlights my camera always finds in Olivia's eyes.
  • The perfect peaks in her Gerber Baby mouth.

  • Learning to crawl using those buff baby arms.

  • The way she easily drifted off to sleep while nestled snug in her Papa's arms.
  • Cupcake jammies...do they come in my size?

  • Henry's newborn kicking, stretching and playing.
  • Listening to the soft sounds of a cooing baby boy.

  •  Henry's blue eyes and his ever growing eyelashes.

  • Tub time with babies. Cass and I tag team the two of them...it takes us quite a while to bathe and dress 2 little ones.

  •  Olivia's curl.

  •  Swaddling up a freshly washed baby and breathing in the deliciousness.

  •  Remembering the bliss of carrying a sleeping baby off to bed.

  •  Armfuls of my grandbabies.

  • The contented look on both of their faces.

  • The way Olivia plays with her Uncle Chet.

  • Watching my daughter embrace motherhood completely.
  • Babies are simply adorable...in every single way!


  1. What a beautiful "sun filled" April your family had when the rest of the valley was rainy/snowy!! Beautiful Babies! Young and Old.

  2. Yes, adorable is the only word for it. I love Olivia's new curl.

  3. Can I just tell you that I can see you (Lisa) in the close-up of Henry. His eyes...they have your expressions!

  4. Olivia absolutely is a Gerber baby. That face is so adorable. I love pictures of these little angels. Such a gift!

  5. These photos are adorable!

  6. Cassandra is amazing. Loved the photos!!

  7. Definitely adorable! You seem so content absorbing every minute of being Nana!

  8. Oh no! These babies are too cute!